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The studio is open Mon – Sat.

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Burlesque courses throughout the year.

Pole Parties available for Hens Night, Birthdays, Newly Single, Office Parties, Girls Nite Out or just because!

Orientation Class *terms and conditions apply

Always wondered what all the fuss was about? Well now you too can enjoy the experience of Polefit without any obligation.

Orientation classes can be booked in online or via our office.

In this class we will go over some basic transitions, hand and body placement, and some FUN pole moves.

Come join in on the latest fitness frenzy to hit NZ.

Beginner Polefit

This class consists of a warm up, stretch, basic pole walks, spins and some floor work.

In this class we will go over pole safety, correct hand and body placement as well as some fun pole moves to give you a workout like no other.

This class is best suited for someone who has no prior or limited pole experience. All fitness levels welcome.

Intermediate Polefit

This class starts with a cardio warm up, stretch and strength building exercises. You will learn inverting, static holds and complex combination spinning. This class requires a balance of strength and good knowledge of basic pole. We will also work on your core strength and flexibility.

Advanced Polefit

This class is for the experience poller. Mastery of all aspects of pole will be covered at this level, from Aerial Inverts, tricks, agility, core and strength training to dance, fluidity and combination work.

You must have previous experience and be proficient at both beginner and intermediate levels to participate in this class.

Beginner Certificate Course

Want to move up to the next level?

In this certificate course we will go over and perfect all the moves that you have learned in the Beginner classes.

This gives your instructor the chance to evaluate your progress to see if you are ready for your next level of Polefit, and gives you the confidence that you have sound basic skills and knowledge to move on to your next challenge.

This is an 6 week course and a min of 5 students is required.

Pole Practice

Don’t have a pole at home? No problem. Come practice with us at the Studio.

$5 Pole Practice night open levels (this is for current members only)

Hula Hoop Class

What’s all this hoopla about anyway? Getting back to basics!

Let this high cardio, low impact, fat burning core workout take you back to your childhood days. Nothing screams more fun than the swish of a hula hoop. Discover the flow of movement with our challenging, yet attainable and fun hula hoop classes.

Bring your friends and family together for a little quality hoop time with our experienced instructors.

All hoopla classes run for 10 weeks.

Silk Tissu Course

Silks is an aerial apparatus involving long lengths of fabric used for various wraps, hangs and drops, combining strength and grace. Ballet in the air some might say.

We have classes for Beginners and Intermediate levels. So even if you have never tried this amazing form of fitness you will look like a pro in no time.

All silks courses run for 10 weeks.

Lyra (aerial hoop)

If you’ve always wanted to run away with the circus then this is the class for you. In this class you will learn the beautiful art of acrobatics combined with dance and flexibility in the air. This class will give you a whole new spin on life.

No previous experience necessary. Open for all levels.

Lyra courses run for 10 weeks.